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Welcome to the World of Thalgo Marine Beauty Over the last 20 years
Thalgo has become the uncontested leader in the world of marine
cosmetology and beauty products, and draws from the riches of the ocean all
elements indispensable to an authentic and efficient beauty programme.

Trace elements, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, the sea and its algae are abundant in elements essential to our health and beauty. Discover the Thalgo marine world below and select your specific face and body programme for a healthy balanced and radiant skin.


••Thalgo Facials

Thalgo Express Purity Ritual Facial
£27.00 (30 mins)

The perfect express facial if you’re on the go, for an instant infusion of marine active ingredients, tailored to your skin type. After a relaxing welcome massage and cleansing ritual, a hydrating mask is applied. While it acts on the skin a soothing massage is carried out. When the mask is removed the Thalgo moisturiser and eye cream best suited to your skin is applied. After this pick-me-up, you will feel refreshed and relaxed and your skin will be glowing.

Thalgo Rebalancing Facial
£44.00 (1 hour)

A rebalancing refuge for oily/problem skin. After a relaxing welcome massage, the skin is cleansed deep down and all impurities are removed with the Freshness Exfoliator. Next, a mask of pure natural seaweed is applied, known for its anti- bacterial and anti-acne properties. After an application of Intense Regulating Serum and a mattifying fluid, your skin is left soft, matte and perfectly balanced.

Thalgo Hydra Moisture Source Facial
£44.00 (1 hour)

A moisture quenching treat, this facial is suitable for all skin types. After a relaxing welcome massage recreating the soothing sounds of the sea and our signature cleansing ritual adapted to your skin type, this ultra-hydrating facial combats dehydration lines and improves skin texture, for a touchably smooth, plump and radiant complexion.
For all skin types.

Thalgo Oxygen Cooling Anti-Pollution Facial
£40.00 (1 hour/45 minutes Express)

Protect your skin against pollution which suffocates and dulls the skin, and free radicals which damage the skin and accelerate ageing - and step into a relaxing bubble of oxygen. Thalgo’s revolutionary anti-pollution complex combats the three radicals most harmful to the skin and creates a shield to help skin breathe and recover its radiance. This facial leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to face the world again. Ideal for city girls, this express facial is the perfect ‘pick me up’ for tired, stressed skin.

Thalgo Cold Marine Facial
£44.00 (1 hour)

The SOS treatment for sensitive, fragile or reactive skin. After a calming welcome massage to immerse you in an aquatic cocoon, your skin is gently cleansed and refreshed. A repairing serum is applied with a soothing facial massage, before the cooling marine mask, which infuses mint and plant extracts to banish irritation and redness. Finally, a protective cream is applied to shield your skin from external aggression and irritation. Your skin is left fresh and luminous, with redness visibly reduced.

Thalgo Aroma Essential Facial
£44.00 (1 hour)

After a sensorial welcome massage, this aromatherapy based facial is customised according to your skin type with the choice of three essential oils. A relaxing massage will intensify your feeling of relaxation, before an organic marine face mask is applied, to soften expression lines and relieve tension.

Thalgo Clear Expert Facial
£44.00 (1 hour)

Looking for the solution to pigmentation? Look no further - Thalgo’s high performance anti-pigmentation and rejuvenating facial effectively reduces pigmentation marks and age spots, for a flawless complexion. The Clear Expert complex stimulates the production of Collagen III (‘childhood collagen’), while Vitamin C protects cells from UV damage and reduces melanin synthesis. The result is a brighter, plumped and perfectly clear complexion.

Terre & Mer Organic Facial by Thalgo
£44.00 (1 hour)

A truly relaxing ritual, the Terre & Mer Organic Facial gives your skin unrivalled softness. Combining marine ingredients with Mediterranean plants, the three-step treatment begins with a welcoming back massage using Organic Lavender Oil, the scent of which will whisk you away to the lavender fields of Provence. To finish, the day cream best suited to your skin type, based on Organic Olive Leaf. Your skin is perfectly nourished and naturally radiant!

Certified Organic by ECOCERT

••Men's Thalgo Facials

Ocean Facial for Men
£45.00 (1 hour)

Thalgo has created the Ocean Facial for stressed skin. This hi- tech professional treatment is based upon relaxing massage movements and the application of a purifying mask diffusing all the goodness of the highly energised Algae Bleue Vitale® directly to the heart of the skin. Relaxed and recharged, your skin regains all its energy and balance.

••Anti Ageing

Collagen Radiance Facial
£44.00 (Incorporating Lip & Eye area: 1 hour 30 mins)


Give your skin a Collagen boost and correct the signs of ageing as they appear with this facial designed for first wrinkles, with instant anti-ageing results. After a relaxing welcome massage, a cleansing ritual adapted to your skin type, and intense exfoliation to smooth the skin and allow optimum penetration of the active ingredients, an expert anti-ageing massage is carried out to lift the features and help the skin drink in all the Marine Collagen. The Collagen mask smoothes fine lines and has a plumping effect. While the mask takes effect, you’ll enjoy a relaxing hand and arm massage. After the treatment your skin will be radiant, its collagen reserves restored.

100% of clients find their skin texture more even, 89% of clients say their skin is smoother and more luminous* *Test carried out in treatment rooms on a sample of 5 people, aged from 25-54 years, results confirmed by a panel of 16 beauty therapists.


Hyaluronic Smooth and Fill Facial
£44.00 (1 hour)


Correct the signs of ageing as they appear, with this smoothing and filling facial designed for age 35+ or for more pronounced wrinkles. After a relaxing welcome massage to immerse you in an aquatic cocoon, a cleansing ritual adapted to your skin type is carried out, followed by intense exfoliation to smooth the skin and allow optimum penetration of the active ingredients. The hyaluronic facial leaves your complexion smooth and glowing. You’ll enjoy a relaxing hand and arm massage while the mask is left to act. After the treatment you will notice your lines are less pronounced and skin is younger looking*.

100% of clients say their wrinkles and expression lines are less noticeable and their skin is younger looking. 83% say their skin seems firmer. *On average, the people who received the treatment say they feel their skin looks 4 years younger. **Test carried out in treatment rooms on a sample of 5 people, aged from 25-54, results confirmed by a panel of 16 beauty therapists.

Silicium Super-Lift Facial
£52.00 (1 hour 15 mins)


Dare to defy time with this super lift facial, designed to combat all the signs of ageing at 40+ (loss of firmness, pronounced wrinkles). Relax and let yourself be immersed in an aquatic cocoon during the Thalgo cleansing ritual, adapted to your skin type. Next, your skin is intensely exfoliated and smoothed to optimise the penetration of the anti-ageing ingredients. An expert anti-ageing massage lifts the features, before a super-lifting mask is applied to fill deeper wrinkles and lift and contour the face and neck. After just one treatment you will already look 5 years younger*. Your complexion will glow and lines will be less noticeable, your skin firmer.

100% of clients say their face is more youthful looking, their skin lifted, 83% say their wrinkles look filled in**. *Average results for people given the treatment. **Test carried out in treatment rooms on a sample of 5 people, aged from 25-54, results confirmed by a panel of 16 beauty therapists.


Thalgo Exceptional Facial with EnergiLift
£80.00(1 hour 30 mins)


Try the manual face lift! Thalgo’s revolutionary massage technique, EnergiLift, targets and tightens individual facial muscles to visibly lift the entire face, without resorting to surgery. It’s the ultimate anti-ageing facial to combat all signs of ageing and hormonal deficiencies. With a welcome massage and anti-ageing cleansing ritual, you will be immersed in an aquatic cocoon of relaxation. Exceptional Serum, a concentrate of powerful actives, is applied to the skin with our expert EnergiLift manual face lifting massage technique. Next, the unique Exceptional Mask is applied, and a hand and arm massage is carried out while it acts on the skin. The powerful actives are also encapsulated in the eye serum so you can get the benefits on the delicate eye area which is the first to show the signs of ageing. You will be amazed by the exceptional results.

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